About us

Mokano is an emerging coffee company found by Bila Kintaudi who was born and raised in the D.R.Congo. Mokano originates from the Congolese language called Lingala. It simply means Purpose. Our mission is to serve coffee from beans that originate from Africa. With the mission to provide a sustainable economy for coffee farmers, buying coffee with a known source makes our coffee more authentic. Our vision is to educate the community about African coffee, aesthetics, and culture on our social media platform(Instagram: @mokanocoffee).

 Founder & CEO of Mokano Coffee
“Coffee has always been an enjoyable beverage for centuries. Our love relationship emerged while in college. It was my parent’s favorite drink in the morning, dark hot, with light or no sugar. Spent more time in coffee shops as opposed to studying at the library. It’s over a cup of coffee that dreams and aspirations became a reality. This passion became concrete after completing a barista certification course and after working at a family owned shop in Charlotte, NC.
Our objective is to serve coffee at local events, in front of offices, cater at  weddings and more. Being mobile will give us an edge to how we want to operate within different communities locally. Being mobile is a five year project, so stay tuned and grow with us. Order your bag today, share your thoughts, share with your friends and family, and don’t forget to tag us in your posts.